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Upcoin is a decentralized worldwide currency with a peer-to-peer network where transactions take place between users directly without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and are recorded on the Binance Blockchain.

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A Brief History of Upcoin

Rocky Start

Upcoin was launched at the end of June 2021 as a tipping token project driven by community demand and led by a popular YouTube personality. Unfortunately a couple of weeks later through a series of catastrophic events the YouTuber abandoned the project.

Upcoin Rising

However, during the weeks following the crash the community rallied together to forge a way forward and led by the new founders the project was restored thus leading the token back into the hands of the community.

75 Billion tokens from multiple contentious wallets were burned over a few days in September, starting with a 50 billion token burn on the 6th of September followed by a 25 billion token burn on the 20th of September.

With faith on the mind the community set to work rebuilding trust and creating new projects to increase utility and visibility for the token.

Upcoin has since been rising steadily growing by more than 2,000% from its all time low and will continue to rise as we build functionality and real-world use cases.

The Future of Upcoin

Upcoin is much more than just a token. We’re constantly introducing new ways for you to tip your favorite creator in fast and reliable ways to boost creator growth, audience retention and community engagement.

Upcoin UpBots are unique integrations embedded into platforms and web applications that enable you to upvote posts or applaud creativity using Upcoin tokens. Currently, active UpBots are running on Discord.

We’re also developing a one-of-a-kind tipping dashboard to help you monitor your tips and discover new content creators.

Upcoin – tip your favorite creators with Upcoin

UpBots – show your appreciation without leaving the platform

UpVote – reward your favorite creators with crypto tokens

To learn more about what the upcoming community is UP to join us on our Discord server where we post constant updates on projects and have ongoing community conversations.


What is Upcoin?

Upcoin is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Upcoin is designed to be a tipping token for tipping your favorite creators.

What is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

BSC is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain that offers the same smart contract capabilities at a much lower cost. It offers its users the benefit of lightning-fast transactions that can be processed all across the world.

What are the benefits of Upcoin?

As a decentralized worldwide currency, Upcoin can easily be transferred between wallets with no penalties and no commission when transferring or spending your tokens. This makes Upcoin ideal for tipping or purchasing.

What is special about Upcoin?

Upcoin is a community-driven token, which means that each investor has input in the direction the project may take.

Are there any special projects in the pipeline that are built on Upcoin?

We are currently working on UpBots, an UpBot is a program for integrating a tipping system on social media platforms, browsers or web pages. The system would allow people to upvote posts or creativity using Upcoin tips. We also have plans for some fun activities such as creator contests, video game competitions and so much more!

Why is creativity so important to us?

We feel that Upcoin will help fuel an independent economy based off trust through art, music and other social media platforms. This offers those who wish to be creative an opportunity to show off their special talents to the world and receive credit for doing so by like minded people.

How can I participate?

Check us out on upcoin.world or you can follow us on YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram to access more awesome content shared by the Upcoin community. Don’t forget you can purchase Upcoin via PancakeSwap here’s the video on how to do just that.

We hope this has helped you understand a little bit about Upcoin. If you have any questions join the Discord server or drop us an email at admin@upcoin.world or support@upcoin.world

Thank you, and stay creative friends!

75 Billion

Tokens Burned

425 Billion

Circulating Tokens


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Upcoin is much more than just a token. We’re constantly introducing new ways for you to tip your favourite creator in fast and reliable ways to boost creator growth, audience retention and community engagement.


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