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In recent weeks we were informed that “Upcoin’s deployer wallet” has now only a month until its unlock date. We wish to inform that a decision has been made upon our recent meeting that took place on May 26th. Our decision is to advise the public that we have made many attempts to contact the deployer Kriss Pettersen about locking the wallet indefinitely without any success. In his words he has said that he “will not touch the liquidity” but his intentions are unknown to us due to a lack of cooperation on his side. As of now Upcoin has been escalated to a high risk investment and we advise that you make a decision based on your own will whether or not upcoin is right for you. As of June 30th 2023 the deployer’s liquidity will be unlocked. In the meantime if it is your desire, we ask those who wish to exit the project to do so before the deadline mentioned above. Please understand that we have made every attempt to make this project functional for the Upcoin community and wish to thank all the community members who stuck with us to the end. A big thank you to everyone for your patience and may you all continue your crypto adventures with confidence going forward. In the future if you have any questions you can contact the deployer at his socials listed below. 

YouTube :  https://youtube.com/@krisspax

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/krisspax

“Update as of June 30th 2023”

Upcoin Liquidity was removed by deployer Kriss Pettersen, as of now Upcoin has no liquidity for trading!!!

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